Volume 10, Number 1

Automated Tool for Resume Classification Using Sementic Analysis


Suhas Tangadle Gopalakrishna1 and Vijayaraghavan Varadharajan2, Infosys Limited, Bengaluru, India


Recruitment in the IT sector has been on the rise in recent times. Software companies are on the hunt to recruit raw talent right from the colleges through job fairs. The process of allotment of projects to the new recruits is a manual affair, usually carried out by the Human Resources department of the organization. This process of project allotment to the new recruits is a costly affair for the organization as it relies mostly on human effort. In the recent times, software companies round the world are leveraging the advances in machine learning and Artificial intelligence in general to automate routine tasks in the enterprise to increase the productivity. In the paper, we discuss the design and implementation of a resume classifier application which employs an ensemble learning based voting classifier to classify a profile of a candidate into a suitable domain based on his interest, work-experience and expertise mentioned by the candidate in the profile. The model employs topic modelling techniques to introduce a new domain to the list of domains upon failing to achieve the threshold value of confidence for the classification of the candidate profile. The Stack-Overflow REST APIs are called for the profiles which fail on the confidence threshold test set in the application. The topics returned by the APIs are subjected to topic modelling to obtain a new domain, on which the voting classifier is retrained after a fixed interval to improve the accuracy of the model.Overall, emphasis is laid out on building a dynamic machine learning automation tool which is not solely dependent on the training data in allotment of projects to the new recruits. We extended our previous work withnew learning model that has the ability to classify the resumes with better accuracy and support more new domains.


Ensemble learning, Dynamic Classification, Machine Learning, Resume classifier Application, Topic Modelling