Volume 10, Number 1

Multi-Agent Based Smart Metering and Monitoring of Power Distribution System: An Extended Framework


M. K. Ahmed, Bala Modi and S. O. Oladejo, Gombe State University, Gombe, Nigeria


One of the problems faced by the Electricity Power consumers is the issue of charging higher than their consumption. The extended framework presented in this work provides a lasting solution by developing a Multi-agent Based System, which allows a Meter Agent to detect a case of bypassing a prepaid meter and report the case to the distribution company. Similarly, the system should be able monitor the amount in which the customer is being charged based on their power consumption. This will solve the problem of overcharging power consumers. Multi-Agent System Engineering (MaSE) methodology was used to establish how agents are able to accomplish the stated challenge encountered in the Nigerian Electricity Distribution System. The proposed platform shows that Multi-Agent Systems can play a vital role in addressing the challenges facing the power distribution sector.


Agent, Multi-Agent System, Power Distribution System, Multi-agent Software Engineering (MaSE), Distributed Systems