Volume 10, Number 2

An Obnoxious Lacuna on Discourses and Counter Discourses Over Artificial Intelligence


Atindra Dahal, Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal


Artificial intelligence is the highest form of human development and sound outcome of human conscience till the date. But the very development seems to be devastating to human future ahead and has been heavily projected accordingly. More than it may be to decay and destroy the world, the negative and chilling views on the prospective damages of AI that scholars are percolating to public are costing many times on humans; and that is plunging human mindset into irreparable pessimism and negativity. This article explores the way that AI is being depressingly explored and investigated to browbeat public. In addition, this write-up highlights the serious lacuna, which the advanced academic engagement has still grossly failed to fill up, of a great deal in course of mainstreaming views and discussions for noble cause of human development and societal well-belling . Further, it unmasks the dire need in making constructive, encouraging and optimistic mind-set building academic pursuits and writings then makes an alarming call to the all prominent scholars to engage with due compliance of it

Method and Hypothesis

As a doctrinal qualitative research based on extensive survey of secondary data and literature, methodologically, with adoption of paradigm of descriptive interpretation, this research hypothesizes that the discussions and discourses over AI are biased, hold a serious lacuna thus need to be reconstructed to make it balanced and build better world than to browbeat people.


Artificial Intelligence, Human Future, Economic Development, Job Market