Volume 10, Number 3

Improving the Communication for Children with Speech Disorders Using the Smart Toys


Amr Mohsen Jadi, University of Hail, Saudi Arabia


An attempt is made to develop a smart toy to help the children suffering with communication disorders. The children suffering with such disorders need additional attention and guidance to understand different types of social events and life activities. Various issues and features of the children with speech disorders are identified in this study and based on the inputs from the study, a working architecture is proposed with suitable policies. A prediction module with a checker component is designed in this work to produce alerts in at the time of abnormal behaviour of the child with communication disorder. The model is designed very sensitively to the behaviour of the child for a particular voice tone, based on which the smart toy will change to tones automatically. Such an arrangement proved to be helpful for the children to improve the communication with other due to the inclusion of continuous training for the smart toy from the prediction module


Speech Disorders, Improving Communication, Smart Toy, Runtime Checker, Prediction Module, Tracking