Volume 10, Number 4

Motion Prediction Using Depth Information of Human Arm Based on Alexnet


JingYuan Zhu, ShuoJin Li, RuoNan Ma and Jing Cheng, Tsinghua University, China


The development of convolutional neural networks(CNN) has provided a new tool to make classification and prediction of human's body motion. This project tends to predict the drop point of a ball thrown out by experimenters by classifying the motion of their body in the process of throwing. Kinect sensor v2 is used to record depth maps and the drop points are recorded by a square infrared induction module. Firstly, convolutional neural networks are made use of to put the data obtained from depth maps in and get the prediction of drop point according to experimenters' motion. Secondly, huge amount of data is used to train the networks of different structure, and a network structure that could provide high enough accuracy for drop point prediction is established. The network model and parameters are modified to improve the accuracy of the prediction algorithm. Finally, the experimental data is divided into a training group and a test group. The prediction results of test group reflect that the prediction algorithm effectively improves the accuracy of human motion perception.


Human Motion, Prediction, Convolutional Neural Network, Depth Information