Volume 10, Number 4

A Novel Feature Engineering Framework in Digital Advertising Platform


Saeid Soheily-Khah And Yiming Wu, Skylads Research Team, France


Digital advertising is growing massively all over the world, and, nowadays, is the best way to reach potential customers, where they spend the vast majority of their time on the Internet. While an advertisement is an announcement online about something such as a product or service, predicting the probability that a user do any action on the ads, is critical to many web applications. Due to over billions daily active users, and millions daily active advertisers, a typical model should provide predictions on billions events per day. So, the main challenge lies in the large design space to address issues of scale, where we need to rely on a subset of well-designed features. In this paper, we propose a novel feature engineering framework, specialized in feature selection using the efficient statistical approaches, which significantly outperform the state-of-the-art ones. To justify our claim, a large dataset of a running marketing campaign is used to evaluate the efficiency of the proposed approaches, where the results illustrate their benefits.


Digital Advertising, Ad Event Prediction, Feature Engineering, Feature Selection, Statistical Test, Classification, Big Data