Volume 10, Number 4

Transfer Learning Based Image Visualization Using CNN


Santosh Giri1 and Basanta Joshi2, 1Kathford Int'l College of Engineering and Management, Nepal and 2Pulchowk Campus, Nepal


Image classification is a popular machine learning based applications of deep learning. Deep learning techniques are very popular because they can be effectively used in performing operations on image data in large-scale. In this paper CNN model was designed to better classify images. We make use of feature extraction part of inception v3 model for feature vector calculation and retrained the classification layer with these feature vector. By using the transfer learning mechanism the classification layer of the CNN model was trained with 20 classes of Caltech101 image dataset and 17 classes of Oxford 17 flower image dataset. After training, network was evaluated with testing dataset images from Oxford 17 flower dataset and Caltech101 image dataset. The mean testing precision of the neural network architecture with Caltech101 dataset was 98 % and with Oxford 17 Flower image dataset was 92.27 %.


Image Classification, CNN, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning