Volume 10, Number 6

Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Review


Gissel Velarde


Artificial Intelligence may revolutionize everything during the so-called fourth industrial revolution, which carries several emerging technologies and could progress without precedents in human history due to its speed and scope. Government, academia, industry, and civil society show interest in understanding the multidimensional impact of the emerging industrial revolution; however, its development is hard to predict. Experts consider emerging technologies could bring tremendous benefits to humanity; at the same time, they could pose an existential risk. This paper reviews the development and trends in AI, as well as the benefits, risks, and strategies in the field. During the course of the emerging industrial revolution, the common good may be achieved in a collaborative environment of shared interests and the hardest work will be the implementation and monitoring of projects at a global scale.


Artificial Intelligence, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Deep Machine Learning, Emerging Technology, Human-Computer Interaction, Common Good