Volume 11, Number 5/6

Object Sorting using Faster R-CNN


Pengchang Chen and Vinayak Elangovan, Division of Science and Engineering, Penn State Abington, USA


In a factory production line, different industry parts need to be quickly differentiated and sorted for further process. Parts can be of different colors and shapes. It is tedious for humans to differentiate and sort these objects in appropriate categories. Automating this process would save more time and cost. In the automation process, choosing an appropriate model to detect and classify different objects based on specific features is more challenging. In this paper, three different neural network models are compared to the object sorting system. They are namely CNN, Fast R-CNN, and Faster R-CNN. These models are tested, and their performance is analyzed. Moreover, for the object sorting system, an Arduino-controlled 5 DoF (degree of freedom) robot arm is programmed to grab and drop symmetrical objects to the targeted zone. Objects are categorized into classes based on color, defective and non-defective objects.


Quality inspection, Defects detection, Fast R-CNN, Faster R-CNN.