Volume 11, Number 5/6

Using Contextual Graphs as a Decision-making Tool in the Process of Hiring Candidates


Hassane Tahir1 and Patrick Brézillon2, 1Links Consultants, Paris, France, 2LIP6 - Sorbonne University - CNRS, Paris, France


Poor selection of employees can be a first step towards a lack of motivation, poor performance, and high turnover, to name a few. It's no wonder that organizations are trying to find the best ways to avoid these slippages by finding the best possible person for the job. Therefore, it is very important to understand the context of hiring process to help to understand which recruiting mistakes are most damaging to the organization in order to reduce the recruiting challenges faced by Human resource managers by building their capacity to ensure optimal HR performance. This paper initiates a research about how Contextual Graphs Formalism can be used for improving the decision making in the process of hiring potential candidates. An example of a typical procedure for visualization of recruiting phases is presented to show how to add contextual elements and practices in order to communicate the recruitment policy in a concrete and memorable way to both hiring teams and candidates.


Contextual Graphs, Contextual Elements, Decision Making, Hiring Process, Practices, Procedure, Recruitment Policy.