Volume 12, Number 3

Implementation of a Decision Support System and Business Intelligence Algorithms for the Automated Management of Insurance Agents Activities


Alessandro Massaro, Antonio Panarese, Michele Gargaro, Costantino Vitale and Angelo Maurizio Galiano, Dyrecta Lab, IT Research Laboratory, Italy


Data processing is crucial in the insurance industry, due to the important information that is contained in the data. Business Intelligence (BI) allows to better manage the various activities as for companies working in the insurance sector. Business Intelligence based on the Decision Support System (DSS), makes it possible to improve the efficiency of decisions and processes, by improving them to the individual characteristics of the agents. In this direction, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are valid tools that help insurance companies to understand the current market and to anticipate future trends. The purpose of the present paper is to discuss a case study, which was developed within the research project "DSS / BI HUMAN RESOURCES", related to the implementation of an intelligent platform for the automated management of agents' activities. The platform includes BI, DSS, and KPIs. Specifically, the platform integrates Data Mining (DM) algorithms for agent scoring, K-means algorithms for customer clustering, and a Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) artificial neural network for the prediction of agents KPIs. The LSTM model is validated by the Artificial Records (AR) approach, which allows to feed the training dataset in data-poor situations as in many practical cases using Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. Using the LSTM-AR method, an analysis of the performance of the artificial neural network is carried out by changing the number of records in the dataset. More precisely, as the number of records increases, the accuracy increases up to a value equal to 0.9987.


Decision Support System, Artificial Intelligence, Long Short Term Memory, Key Performance Indicator, Data Mining.