Volume 12, Number 4

Human-System Interface with Explanation of Actions for Autonomous Anti-UAV Systems


John Kontos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece


Research on explanation is currently of intense interest as documented in the DARPA 2021 investments reported by the USA Department of Defense. An emerging theme for explanation techniques research is their application to the improvement of human-system interfaces for autonomous anti-drone or C-UAV defense systems. In the present paper a novel proposal based on natural language processing technology concerning explanatory discourse using relations is briefly described. The proposal is based on the use of relations pertaining to the possible malicious actions of an intruding alien drone swarm and the defense decisions proposed by an autonomous anti-drone system. The aim of such an interface is to facilitate the supervision that a user must exercise on an autonomous defense system in order to minimize the risk of wrong mitigation actions and unnecessary spending of ammunition.


UAV, anti-drone, explanation, human-system interface.