Volume 12, Number 5

Finding Facial Expression Patterns on Videos based on Smile and Eyes-Open Confidence Values


Setiawan Hadi, Asep K Supriatna, Faishal Wahiduddin, Wilis Srisayekti, Achmad Djunaidi, Efi Fitriana, Aceng Abdullah and Dian Ekawati, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia


Facial expression recognition is one of the types of non-verbal communication that is not only commons for human but also plays an essential role in everyday lives. The development of science and technology allows the machine to automatically detect human facial expressions based on images and videos. Numerous facial expression detection methods have been proposed in the literature. This paper presents a method to find three basic facial expressions (neutral, happy, and angry) from two parameter values: smile and eyes-open. The analysis involves a preprocessing step using a combination of pre-designed proprietary algorithm and Luxand library. Firstly, the parameters were mapped into two-dimensional space and then grouped into three clusters using K-means, a popular heuristic clustering method. Secondly, more than 50,000 frames for each video were experimented using the proprietary research data. The result shows that the proposed method successfully performed a simple video analysis of facial expressions.


Facial expression, Image processing, Clustering analysis, Image Analysis, Video Processing.