Volume 12, Number 6

A Knowledge based Automatic Radiation Treatment Plan Alert System


Erwei Bai1 and Junyi Xia2, 1University of Iowa, USA, 2Mount Sinai Hospital, USA


In radiation therapy, preventing treatment plan errors is of paramount importance. In this paper, an alert system is proposed and developed for checking if the pending cancer treatment plan is consistent with the intended use. A key step in the development of the paper is characterization of various treatment plan fingerprints by three-dimension vectors taken from possibly thousands of variables in each treatment plan. Then three machine learning based algorithms are developed and tested in the paper. The first algorithm is a knowledge-based support vector machine method. If an incorrect treatment plan were offered, the algorithm would tell that the pending treatment plan is inconsistent with the intended use and provide a red flag. The algorithm is tested on the actual patient data sets with 100% successful rate and 0% failure rate. In addition, two algorithms based on the well-known k-nearest neighbour and Bayesian approach respectively are developed. Similar to the support vector machine algorithm, these two algorithms are also tested with 100% success rate and 0% failure rate. The key seems to pick up the right features.


Oncology, radiation safety, cancer treatment plans, machine learning, radiation error detection.