Volume 13, Number 3

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics – Synthetic Brain in Action


Abdulrahman Alseqyani1 and Saud Alotaibi2, 1Zulfi College of Technology, TVTC, Saudi Arabia, 2Afif College of Technology, TVTC, Saudi Arabia


Rapid technological growth has made Artificial Intelligence (AI) and application of robots common among human lives. The advancements undertaken to make designs with human similarities or adaptations to the society are elaborated in detail. The increasing manufacturing and use of robots for industrial purposes have been related to their operating mechanisms. The experiments and laboratory testing of these devices is analysed in form tables to show the statistical side of the technology. This report explains the technological aspects and laboratory experiments that have been advanced to increase knowledge on these digital technologies. This study aims to present an overview of two developing technologies: artificial intelligence (AI) and robots and their potential applications. The product variety is a primary characteristic of each of these specialties. In addition, they may be described as disruptive, facilitating, and transdisciplinary.


Artificial intelligence, Robots, & Trust Game.