Volume 13, Number 3

The Framework of Artificial Intelligence (FAI): Driving Triggers, State of the Art Over Time
and Industry Adoption Influencers


Richard Fulton1, Diane Fulton2 and Susan Kaplan3, 1Troy University, USA, 2Clayton State University, USA, 3Modal Technology, USA


The authors present a new Framework of Artificial Intelligence which analyzes the key elements of transformational AI in industry. The State of the Art of Artificial Intelligence is gleaned from an examination of what has been done in the past, presently in the last decade and what is predicted for future decades. The paper will highlight the biggest changes in AI, important influencers to adoption/diffusion and give examples of how these technologies have and will be applied in three key industrial sectors, including agriculture, education and healthcare. Next the research examines seven driving triggers of cost, speed, accuracy, diversity/inclusion, interdisciplinary research/collaboration and ethics/trustworthiness that are accelerating AI development and concludes with a discussion of what are the critical success factors for industry to be transformational in AI.


Artificial Intelligence, Technology Adoption and Diffusion, Driving Triggers, Technology Trends, Applications of Technology Development.