Volume 13, Number 4

Deep Learning-based ECG Classification on Raspberry PI using a Tensorflow Lite Model based on PTB-XL Dataset


Kushagra Sharma and Rasit Eskicioglu, University of Manitoba, Canada


The number of IoT devices in healthcare is expected to rise sharply due to increased demand since the COVID-19 pandemic. Deep learning and IoT devices are being employed to monitor body vitals and automate anomaly detection in clinical and non-clinical settings. Most of the current technology requires the transmission of raw data to a remote server, which is not efficient for resource-constrained IoT devices and embedded systems. Additionally, it is challenging to develop a machine learning model for ECG classification due to the lack of an extensive open public database. To an extent, to overcome this challenge PTB-XL dataset has been used. In this work, we have developed machine learning models to be deployed on Raspberry Pi. We present an evaluation of our TensorFlow Model with two classification classes. We also present the evaluation of the corresponding TensorFlow Lite FlatBuffers to demonstrate their minimal run-time requirements while maintaining acceptable accuracy.


Convoluted Neural Network, Edge Computing, Arrhythmia Classification, FlatBuffer, Discrete Wavelet Transform.