Volume 9, Number 6

Network Learning and Training of a Cascaded Link-Based Feed Forward Neural Network (CLBFFNN) in an Intelligent Trimodal Biometric System


Benson-Emenike Mercy E1 and Ifeanyi-Reuben Nkechi J2,1Abia State Polytechnic Nigeria, 2Rhema University Nigeria


Presently, considering the technological advancement of our modern world, we are in dire need for a system that can learn new concepts and give decisions on its own. Hence the Artificial Neural Network is all that is required in the contemporary situation. In this paper, CLBFFNN is presented as a special and intelligent form of artificial neural networks that has the capability to adapt to training and learning of new ideas and be able to give decisions in a trimodal biometric system involving fingerprints, face and iris biometric data. It gives an overview of neural networks


CLBFFNN, Learning, Training, Artificial Neural Network, Trimodal, Biometric System