Volume 10, Number 5

Multi-Constraints Adaptive Link Quality Index Based Mobile-RPL Routing Protocol for
Low Power Lossy Networks


Sneha K1 and B G Prasad2, 1BNM Institute of Technology, India and 2BMS College of Engineering, India


The importance of IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low power and Lossy Networks (LLNs), also called RPL, has motivated in the development of a robust and quality of service (QoS) oriented Multi-Constraints Adaptive Link Quality Index (MALQI) based routing protocol. Unlike classical RPL protocols, MALQI enables mobile-RPL while ensuring fault-resilient, reliable and QoS communication over LLNs. MALQI protocol exploits key novelties such as signal strength based mobile node positioning, average received signal strength indicator (ARSSI) and ETX based objective function for fault tolerant best forwarding path selection. The functional architecture of MALQI enables it to be used as the parallel to the link layer RPL that even in the case of link failure can assist efficient data delivery over LLNs. Once detecting link outage, MALQI can execute node discover and best forwarding path selection to assist QoS delivery. Contiki-Cooja based simulation reveals that MALQI based mobile-RPL outperforms other state-of-art routing protocols


Mobile-RPL; Adaptive Link Quality; Low Power Lossy Network; Routing Protocol; MALQI