Volume 10, Number 6

Scalable and Energy Efficient Task Offloading Schemes for Vehicular Cloud Computing


Mohammad Pasha1 and Khaleel Ur Rahman Khan2, 1MJCET - Hyderabad, India and 2ACE - Hyderabad, India


Smart vehicles of today on road are equipped with advanced computational units, multiple communication technologies, intelligent sensing platforms, and human-computer interaction devices which utilize Vehicular Edge Networks to support services offered by the remote cloud. This being named as Opportunistic Vehicular Edge Computing recently, has the possibility to supplement the services provided by the Edge gadgets. Many Vehicular Edge Computing architectures have been proposed as of late which support task offloading. One among the premier difficulties in these networks is efficiently utilizing the resources available at the vehicular nodes. The present work uses APEATOVC, a conveyed and versatile protocol for economical, efficient and effective task offloading in these networks which address the adaptability of vehicular clouds. The results obtained by extensive simulations are presented to assess and contrast its performance with existing protocols.


Vehicular Cloud Computing, Mobile Edge Computing, Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks, Computation Offloading