Volume 11, Number 1

Optimization of Packet Length for MIMO systems


Ghassan Alnwaimi1, Hatem Boujemaa2 and Kamran Arshad3, 1King Abdulaziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2Sup’Com, COSIM Laboratory, Tunisia and 3Ajman University, United Arab Emirates


In this article, a method to enhance the throughput for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems by optimizing packet length is proposed. Two adaptation algorithms are proposed. In the first algorithm, we use the Average Signal to Noise Ratio (ASNR) to choose the optimal packet length and Modulation and Coding Scheme (MCS) in order to maximize the throughput. In the second algorithm, packet length and MCS are adapted with respect to the Instantaneous received SNR (ISNR). This article concludes that the variable packet length gives up to 1.8 dB gain with respect to the Fixed Packet Length (FPL).


MIMO systems, Optimal packet length, Rayleigh fading channels