Volume 11, Number 2

RB-IEMRP: Relay Based Improved Throughput Energy-Efficient Multi-Hop Routing Protocol for INTRA Body Sensor Network (INTRA-WBSN)


Tarique Rashid1, Sunil Kumar2, Akshay Verma2, Prateek Raj Gautam2 and Arvind Kumar2, 1Katihar Engineering College, India and 2Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, India


In this paper, we have proposed a Relay based Improved Throughput and Energy-efficient Multi-hop Routing Protocol (Rb-IEMRP) for the Intra Wireless Body Sensor Network (Intra-WBSN). Moreover, mathematical analysis has been presented, to calculate the minimum number of relay nodes require to be deployed corresponding to the bio-sensor nodes in Intra-WBSN. Normal sensing data from bio-sensor nodes forwarded to BNC through relay nodes while emergency data is directly transmitted to BNC. Relays nodes are placed in the patients' cloth. It can be easily replaced or recharged that facilitates effective health monitoring. The proposed routing protocol has achieved better network stability, network lifetime, energy efficiency and throughput as compared to Stable Increased Throughput Multi-Hop Protocol for Link Efficiency in Wireless Body Area Networks (SIMPLE) and Reliable Energy Efficient Critical Data Routing in Wireless Body Area Networks (REEC) routing protocols. It has been validated through simulation results


Intra wireless body sensor network (Intra-WBSN), Body node coordinator (BNC), Relay, Wireless body sensor network (WBSN), Energy efficiency.