Volume 11, Number 4

An Optimum Energy Consumption Hybrid Algorithm for XLN Strategic Design in WSN’S


Md. Khaja Mohiddin and V. B. S. Srilatha Indira Dutt, GITAM, India


In this paper, X-Layer protocol is originated which executes mobility error prediction (MEP) algorithm to calculate the remaining energy level of each node. This X-Layer protocol structure employs the mobility aware protocol that senses the mobility concerned to each node with the utilization of Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV), which shares the information or data specific to the distance among individual nodes. With the help of this theory, the neighbour list will be updated only to those nodes which are mobile resulting in less energy consumption when compared to all (static/mobile) other nodes in the network. Apart from the MEP algorithm, clustering head (CH) election algorithm has also been specified to identify the relevant clusters whether they exists within the network region or not. Also clustering multi-hop routing (CMHR) algorithm was implemented in which the node can identify the cluster to which it belongs depending upon the distance from each cluster surrounding the node. Finally comprising the AODV routing protocol with the Two-Ray Ground method, we implement X-Layer protocol structure by considering MAC protocol in accordance to IEEE 802.15.4 to obtain the best results in energy consumption and also by reducing the energy wastage with respect to each node. The effective results had been illustrated through Network Simulator-II platform.


IEEE 802.15.4, AODV Protocol, Two Ray Ground Propagation Model, Mobility Error Prediction(MEP) Algorithm, Clustering Multi-Hop Routing (CMHR) Algorithm, Energy Consumption, End-to-End Delay, Throughput