Volume 12, Number 1

Load Balancing Algorithm for Efficient VM Allocation in Heterogeneous Cloud


Badshaha P Mulla1, C. Rama Krishna1 and Raj Kumar Tickoo2, 1NITTTR, India and 2National Informatics Centre, Punjab State Unit, India


Cloud computing is a growing service computing trend that offers users a range of on-demand variety of services from applications, processing capability, and storage based on the concept of the “Pay-As-PerUse” model. Organizations from every sector are now realizing the benefits offered by cloud computing technology and moving towards the cloud. Cloud computing offers numerous advantages over conventional computing. However, it still faces a few challenges such as resource utilization in a cloud data centre and quality of service to the end-users due to improper workload balance among available resources. Heterogeneous cloud resources also impact cloud systems overall performance. We proposed an enhanced load balancing algorithm in this research paper for efficient VM allocation in a heterogeneous cloud. Our proposed algorithm allocates independent user tasks or requests to available virtual machines in cloud datacentre efficiently to manage proper load balancing. This algorithm is aimed at minimizing user request response time and the time required for data centre processing. The results obtained showed a significant reduction in user request response time and data centre processing time as compared to “Throttled” and “Round Robin (RR)” algorithms.


Load Balancing, Heterogeneous Cloud Environment, Response Time, Datacentre Processing Time, Independent Task.