Volume 12, Number 2

Energy Performance of a Combined Horizontal and Vertical Compression
Approach in Cluster-based WSNS


Jihane El Aasri, Samia Al Fallah, Mounir Arioua and Ahmed El Oualkadi, Tangier Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco


Energy efficiency is an essential issue to be reckoned in wireless sensor networks development. Since the low-powered sensor nodes deplete their energy in transmitting the collected information, several strategies have been proposed to investigate the communication power consumption, in order to reduce the amount of transmitted data without affecting the information reliability. Lossy compression is a promising solution recently adapted to overcome the challenging energy consumption, by exploiting the data correlation and discarding the redundant information. In this paper, we propose a hybrid compression approach based on two dimensions specified as horizontal (HC) and vertical compression (VC), typically implemented in cluster-based routing architecture. The proposed scheme considers two key performance metrics, energy expenditure, and data accuracy to decide the adequate compression approach based on HC-VC or VC-HC configuration according to each WSN application requirement. Simulation results exhibit the performance of both proposed approaches in terms of extending the clustering network lifetime.


WSN, Clustering, Vertical compression, Horizontal compression, Energy efficiency, Data reliability