Volume 12, Number 4

Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols with Roadside Unit Infrastructure
in a Vehicular Ad Hoc Network


Safae Smiri, Abdelali Boushaba, Rachid Ben Abbou and Azeddine Zahi, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdelah University, Morocco


Vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs) represent a powerful and active field of research and have given rise to many challenges related to routing protocols and communication problems with other vehicles or fixed infrastructure called roadside units (RSU). The dynamic topology and the obstacles encountered in VANET environments mean that the routing of data and the communication between vehicles is confronted with many problems, and particularly in vehicular applications that require reliable communication and satisfactory quality of service (QoS). This paper promotes the intention of infrastructure in an urban scenario and studies the performance of routing protocols considering the constraint of mobility. This leads us to analyze a wide range of routing protocols to ensure optimal coverage and continuous connectivity, taking into consideration two types of data traffic in realistic environments that depend on certain performance metrics. The paper also investigates which protocols provide better performance with RSUs by ranking the results for QoS.


VANET, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS); Routing protocols, Roadside unit (RSU), Urban topology, NS-2, VanetMobiSim, Quality of service (QoS).