Volume 12, Number 5

An Efficient Data Collection Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks


Khaled Day1, Faiza Al-Salti2, Abderezak Touzene1 and Nasser Alzeidi1, 1Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 2Muscat College, Oman


This paper presents the design and evaluation of a new data collection protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks called the Data Collection Tree Protocol (DCTP). It uses an efficient distributed algorithm to proactively construct and maintain a data collection tree rooted at the sink node. The preconstructed and maintained data collection tree allows the efficient selection of a single forwarding node at each hop when routing a data packet. We prove the correctness of the constructed data collection tree and we show that under some stability conditions, the constructed tree converges to an optimal shortestpath tree. Results of extensive simulations show a big improvement in terms of packet delivery ratio, endto-end delay and energy consumption compared to the well-known VBF protocol. The simulated cases show increases in the packet delivery ratio between 20% and 122%, reductions in the average end-to-enddelay between 15% and 55% and reductions in the energy consumption between 20% and 50%. These results clearly demonstrate the attractiveness of the proposed DCTP protocol.


Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks, Data Collection, Routing Protocols, Performance Evaluation.