Volume 12, Number 5

Mean Object Size Considering Average Waiting Latency in M/BP/1 System


Y. –J. Lee, Korea National University of Education, South Korea


This paper deals with the web object size which affects to the service time in multiple access environments. The M/BP/1 model can be considered because packets arrival and web service are Poission and Bound Pareto (BP) distribution respectively. We find mean object size which satisfies that the average waiting latency by deterministic model equals the mean queueing delay of the M/BP/1 model. Performance evaluation shows that the mean web object size is affected by file size bounds and shape parameter of BP distribution, however, the impact of link capacity is not significant. When the system load is low, web object size converges on half the maximum segment size (MSS). Our results can be applied to find mean web object size in the economic web service design.


M/BP/1system, average waiting latency, multiple web access, mean queueing delay.