Volume 12, Number 5

Client Performance Predictions for Private Blockchain Networks


László Viktor Jánoky, János Levendovszky and Péter Ekler, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary


The recent public adaptation of cryptocurrencies sparked a great interest in alternative uses of the blockchain technology. Private or permissioned blockchain-based systems are a promising technology, initiating novel applications in several important fields, such as financing, commerce, and administration. One of the largest challenges in its application is the necessity of capacity planning. In public blockchains – such as the ones powering cryptocurrencies – the network is self-scaling and self-organizing, made up of individual nodes working for profit. In private blockchain, where capacity is provided by a few selected parties, these abilities are not inherently present as there is no financial or other motivation for clients to participate. This necessitates the introduction of efficient capacity planning and performance predictions to operate such a network efficiently. In this paper, we deal with methods for providing performance predictions of private blockchains.


Blockchain, Private blockchain networks, Performance prediction, Linear predictors.