Volume 12, Number 6

Wireless Networks Performance Monitoring Based on Passive-active Quality of Service Measurements


Yazeed A. Al-Sbou, Applied Science University, Bahrain


Monitoring of the performance of wireless network is of vital importance for both users and the service provider which should be accurate, simple and fast enough to reflect the network performance in a timely manner. The aim of this paper is to develop an approach which can infer the performance of wireless ad hoc networks based on Quality of service (QoS) parameters assessment. The developed method considers the QoS requirements of multimedia applications transmitted over these kind of networks. This approach is based on the ideas of combination of both active and passive measurement methods. This approach uses an in-service measurement method in which the QoS parameters of the actual application (user) are estimated by means of dedicated monitoring packets (probes). Afterwards, these parameters are combined to produce and assess the application’s overall QoS using the fuzzy logic assessment and based on the measured QoS parameters estimated using the probe traffic. The active scheme is used to generate monitoring probe packets which are inserted between blocks of target application packets at regular intervals. While the passive monitoring is utilized to act as a traffic meter which performs as a counter of user packets (and bytes) that belong to the application (user) traffic flow that is subjected to monitoring. After simulating the developed technique, it offered a good estimation for the delay, throughput, packet losses and the overall QoS when using different probe rates.


Quality of Service, network monitoring, passive measurement, active measurement, fuzzy logic.