Volume 13, Number 1

IPTV Improvement Approach over LTE-WLAN Heterogeneous Networks


Mohamed Matoui, Noureddine Moumkine and Abdellah Adib, Faculty of Science and Technology Mohammedia, Morocco


IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) includes several video components. The IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) cannot differentiate between them what causes their treatment similarly. These sub-components must have different priorities because they have distinct QoS constraints. In this paper, we suggest the implementation of IPTV in a heterogeneous network that improved QoS by providing the capability to prioritize the sub traffic according to the system administrator policy. A new IPv6 flow label field definition was proposed that is ready for standardization. OPNET Modeler software is used to design our approached architecture. The results show that IPTV users receive different amounts of video data based on the stream's priority.


IPv6, Flow Label, Heterogeneous Networks, LTE, WLAN, QoS, Diffserv, IPTV, IMS & MIPv6.