Volume 13, Number 3

A Controllable RSU and Vampire Moth to Support the Cluster Stability in VANET


Ronald Adrian, Selo Sulistyo, I Wayan Mustika and Sahirul Alam, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia


VANET has a dynamic topology that affects cluster formation stability. It influences vehicle’s network quality though supporting this stability requires a fast and small cluster formation process. It is necessary because of the rapidly changing condition of the vehicle's position. Moreover, small cluster groups make network quality more evenly distributed among its members. They are essential components in the formation of good clusters in VANET. In the previous research, the algorithm used for this process is based on moth flame optimization. This study proposes modifications in this algorithm to speed up the convergence process, facilitated by a model of turning angles in the moth. Furthermore, the flame at the destination moth is created dynamically to approach the real conditions in VANET. The use of coefficients is further introduced to reduce cluster size according to the traffic conditions. The cluster management process uses a fully controlled Road Side Unit on the vehicle’s traffic conditions. In the final result, the convergence time is slightly faster, with better results in the throughput at 101.1%, the number of clusters at 58.1%, and the delay at 5.5%, respectively.


Algorithm, Cluster, Mfo, Stable & Vanet.