Volume 13, Number 4

Novel Position Estimation using Differential Timing Information for Asynchronous LTE/NR Networks


Muhammad Abugabal, Yasmine Fahmy and Hazim Tawfik, Cairo University, Egypt


Positioning techniques have been a common objective since the early development of wireless networks. However, current positioning methods in cellular networks, for instance, are still primarily focused on the use of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), which has several limitations, like high power drainage and failure in indoor scenarios. This study introduces a novel approach employing standard LTE signaling in order to provide high accuracy positioning estimation. The proposed technique is designed in analogy to the human sound localization system, eliminating the need of having information from three spatially diverse Base Stations (BSs). This is inspired by the perfect human 3D sound localization with two ears. A field study is carried out in a dense urban city to verify the accuracy of the proposed technique, with more than 20 thousand measurement samples collected. The achieved positioning accuracy is meeting the latest Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements in the planner dimension.


Cellular Networks, LTE, OTDoA, Sound Localization & Wireless Positioning.