Volume 13, Number 4

MAR Security: Improved Security Mechanism for Emergency Messages of VANET using Group Key Management & Cryptography Schemes (GKMC)


Mahabaleshwar Kabbur, Anand R and Arul Kumar V, REVA University, India


Vehicular Ad-hoc network (VANET) is one of the emerging technologies for research community to get various research challenges to construct secured framework for autonomous vehicular communication. The prime concern of this technology is to provide efficient data communication among registered vehicle nodes. The several research ideas are implemented practically to improve overall communication in VANETs by considering security and privacy as major aspects of VANETs. Several mechanisms have been implemented using cryptography algorithms and methodologies. However, these mechanisms provide a solution only for some restricted environments and to limited security threats. Hence, the proposed novel mechanism has been introduced, implemented and tested using key management technique. It provides secured network environment for VANET and its components. Later, this mechanism provides security for data packets of emergency messages using cryptography mechanism. Hence, the proposed novel mechanism is named Group Key Management & Cryptography Schemes (GKMC). The experimental analysis shows significant improvements in the network performance to provide security and privacy for emergency messages. This GKMC mechanism will help the VANET user’s to perform secured emergency message communication in network environment.


Network Protocols, Wireless Network, Mobile Network, Virus, Worms & Trojan.