Volume 13, Number 5

Dynamic Task Scheduling based on Burst Time Requirement for Cloud Environment


Linz Tom1 and Bindu V.R.2, 1Assumption College, India, 2Mahatma Gandhi University, India


Cloud computing has an indispensable role in the modern digital scenario. The fundamental challenge of cloud systems is to accommodate user requirements which keep on varying. This dynamic cloud environment demands the necessity of complex algorithms to resolve the trouble of task allotment. The overall performance of cloud systems is rooted in the efficiency of task scheduling algorithms. The dynamic property of cloud systems makes it challenging to find an optimal solution satisfying all the evaluation metrics. The new approach is formulated on the Round Robin and the Shortest Job First algorithms. The Round Robin method reduces starvation, and the Shortest Job First decreases the average waiting time. In this work, the advantages of both algorithms are incorporated to improve the makespan of user tasks.


Cloud computing, dynamic task scheduling, response time, waiting time, Round Robin algorithm.