Volume 13, Number 6

Fuzzy Logic-based Efficient Message Route Selection Method to Prolong the Network Lifetime in WSNs


Jungsub Ahn1, Sanghyeok Lim2 and Taeho Cho1*, 1Sungkyunkwan University, Republic of Korea, 2Amorepacific Republic of Korea


Recently, sensor networks have been used in a wide range of applications, and interest in sensor node performance has increased. A sensor network is composed of tiny nodes with limited resources. The sensor network communicates between nodes in a configured network through self-organization. An energyefficient security protocol with a hierarchy structure with various advantages has been proposed to prolong the network lifetime of sensor networks. But due to structural problems in traditional protocols, nodes located upstream tend to consume relatively high energy compared to other nodes. A network protocol should be considered to provide minimal security and efficient allocation of energy consumption by nodes to increase the network lifetime. In this paper, we introduce a solution to solve the bottleneck problem through an efficient message route selection method. The proposed method selects an efficient messaging path using GA and fuzzy logic composed of multiple rules. Message route selection plays an important role in controlling the load balancing of nodes. A principal benefit of the proposed scheme is the potential portability of the clustering-based protocol. In addition, the proposed method is updated to find the optimal path through the genetic algorithm to respond to various environments. We demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed method through an experiment in which the proposed method is applied to a probabilistic voting-based filtering scheme that is one of the cluster-based security schemes.


Wireless sensor network, Fuzzy logic, Load balancing, Genetic algorithm.