Volume 14, Number 1

ITA: The Improved Throttled Algorithm of Load Balancing on Cloud Computing


Hieu N. Le and Hung C. Tran, Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Vietnam


Cloud computing makes the information technology industry boom. It is a great solution for businesses who want to save costs while ensuring the quality of service. One of the key issues that make cloud computing successful is the load balancing technique used in the load balancer to minimize time costs and optimize costs economically. This paper proposes an algorithm to enhance the processing time of tasks so that it can help improve the load balancing capacity on cloud computing. This algorithm, named as Improved Throttled Algorithm (ITA), is an improvement of Throttled Algorithm. The paper uses the Cloud Analyst tool to simulate. The selected algorithms are used to compare: Equally Load, Round Robin, Throttled and TMA. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm ITA has improved the processing time of tasks, time spent processing requests and reduced the cost of Datacenters compared to the selected popular algorithms as above. The improvement of ITA is because of selecting virtual machines in an index table that is available but in order of priority. It helps response times and processing times remain stable, limits the idling resources, and cloud costs are minimized compared to selected algorithms.


Cloud Computing, Load Balancing, Processing Time, Improved Throttle Algorithm.