Volume 14, Number 2

Performance Analysis of MITA Interleaver on Hybrid Systems using Diversity


Priyanka Agarwal1 and Manoj K Shukla2, 1Harcourt Butler Technical University, India, 2REC Kannauj, India


The demands of 5 thgeneration communication devices such as greater throughput, coverage and reliability cannot be easily met by any one physical media. Recently, wireless and powerline channels were combined and diversity techniques were employed to improve reliability using only the OFDM technique. In this paper, the hybrid system with diversity techniques is implemented and evaluated using Interleave Division Multiple Access (IDMA) scheme. As the strength of the IDMA scheme heavily relies on the adapted interleaving algorithm, in the paper interleaving algorithms such as Random, Tree and recently proposed Multiplicative Interleaving with Tree Algorithm (MITA) interleavers are compared on the grounds of computation complexity, memory occupied and bit error rate (BER). For analysis of BER, over MATLAB environment, the hybrid system assumes Rayleigh fading channel and Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) on wireless medium and Symmetric alpha stable (SαS) noise on powerline channel. The outcome of comparison parameters verifies the superior performance of MITA interleaver in a hybrid system over the IDMA scheme.


Broadband Powerline (BB-PL), Interleave Division Multiple Access (IDMA), Interleavers, Multiplicative Interleaving with Tree Algorithm (MITA) & Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC).