Volume 14, Number 2

A High Performance Hybrid Two Dimensional Spectral/Spatial NZCC/MD Code
for SAC-OCDMA Systems with SDD Detection


Berber Redouane1, Bouasria Fatima1, Chetioui Mohammed1,2, Damou Mehdi1 and Boudkhil Abdelhakim1, 2, 1Dr. Moulay Tahar University of Saida, Algeria, 2Abu-Bakr Belkaid University of Tlemcen, Algeria


This paper proposes a new technique to construct a hybrid zero cross-correlation (NZCC) based on multiple diagonal (MD) code for two-dimensional (2D) spectral amplitude coding for optical code division multiple access code division multiple access (SAC-OCDMA) systems. The proposed hybrid code eliminates totally the multiple access interference (MAI) between a large number of users and allows them to connect simultaneously via the optical communication link with a high speed to receive huge data and serve various areas such as Internet, telephony, DAB radio, digital audio broadcasting, and DVB video. Simulation results demonstrate that the performance of such a SAC-OCDA system based on novel 2D hybrid NZCC/MD code can be easily improved keeping a less complex structure using couplers for direct spectral/spatial dimension (SDD) detection and show superior bit error rate (BER) values comparing to previously developed two-dimensional codes including perfect difference (2D-PD), diagonal Eigen-value units (2D-DEU), multi-service (2D-MS) and balanced incomplete block design (2D-BIBD) codes.


Optical Link, SAC-OCDMA Systems, Two-dimensional, Hybrid Code, NZCC Code, MD Code, Spectral/Spatial Dimension (SDD) Detection.