Volume 14, Number 3

Cluster Based Routing using Energy and Distance Aware Multi-Objective Golden Eagle Optimization in Wireless Sensor Network


Gundeboyina Srinivasalu1 and Hanumanthappa Umadevi2, 1Cambridge Institute of Technology, India, 2Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, India


In recent years, WSNs have attracted significant attention due to the improvements in various sectors such as communication, electronics, and information technologies. When the clustering algorithm incorporates both Euclidean distance and energy, it automatically decreases the energy consumption. So, the major goal of this research is to reduce energy consumption for prolong the lifetime of the network. In order to achieve an energy-efficient process, Energy and Distance Aware Multi-Objective Golden Eagle Optimization (ED-MOGEO) is proposed in this research. In addition, this proposed solution reduces retransmissions and delays to improve the performance metrics. And so, this research carried out two major fitness functions (Euclidean distance and energy) for creating an energy-efficient WSN. Furthermore, energy consideration is used to reduce the nodes unavailability which results in packet loss during the transmission. For generating the routing path between the source and the Base Station (BS), the ED-MOGEO algorithm is used. From the simulation results, it shows that Proposed ED-MOGEO achieves better performances in terms of residual energy (14.36 J), end-to-end delay (12.9 ms), packet delivery ratio (0.994), normalized routing overhead (0.11), and throughput (1.131 Mbps) when compared to existing Cluster-Based Data Aggregation (CBDA) and Elephant Herding Optimization (EHO)-Greedy methods.


Multi-Objective Golden Eagle Optimization, Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Consumption, Network Lifetime, Euclidean Distance.