Volume 14, Number 3

Advanced Service Data Provisioning for Real-Time Management
of Ongoing Cellular Communication Networks


Mikhail E. Belkin1, Leonid Zhukov1, Alexander S. Sigov1 and Mikhail G. Vasil’ev2, 1Russian Technological University MIREA Russia 2Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the RAS, Russia


A new cost-efficient concept to realize real-time management and monitoring of quality-of-service metrics and other service data in 5G and beyond access network using a separate return channel based on a vertical cavity surface emitting laser in the optical injection locked mode that simultaneously operates as a laser source and a resonant cavity enhanced photodetector, is proposed and discussed. The feasibility and efficiency of the proposed approach are investigated and confirmed by a proof-of-concept experiment when optically transceiving high-speed digital signals with multi-position quadrature amplitude modulation of a radio-frequency carrier.


5G and beyond, RoF-based radio access network, real-time monitoring, QoS metrics, bimodal OILVCSEL.