Volume 14, Number 4

Design and Analysis of MIMO Patch Antenna for 5G Wireless Communication Systems


Pallavi H. V1, A P Jagadeesh Chandra2 and Paramesha3, 1Government Engineering College, Haasan, India 2Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, India, 3Central University of Karnataka, India


In this work, the circular array microstrip patch antenna (MPA) design is proposed for the 5G wireless communication and the millimeter- wave frequency being utilized for this communication system to enhance the coverage area. Here, the Multi Input Multi Output feeding technique is utilized to improve the performance of the proposed design at a resonant frequency of 35 GHz with RT-Duroid 5880 material as substrate. It has 2.2 dielectric constant value and the thickness is 0.5mm.The simulation analysis has obtained the gain as 8.8dB and return loss as -41.9dB. Also, two MPA designs such as single element MPA and 2x2 rectangular array MPA are designed to validate the proposed antenna design. A comparative analysis has proved that the circular array MPA is preferable for the 5G wireless communication system compared to the other two designs such as single element MPA and 2x2 rectangular array MPA.


Wireless communication, Bandwidth, Radiation efficiency, Antennas, Microstrip patch antenna (MPA).