Volume 14, Number 4

Innovative Low-Cost Perimeter Security Gadget With In-built Mechanism to Ensure Confidentiality, Authenticity and Non-Repudiation


Ritesh Mukherjee1, Anirban Goswami2, Soumit Chowdhury3 and Nabin Ghoshal4, 1Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India, 2Techno Main Salt Lake, India, 3Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, India, 4University of Kalyani, India


The concept is to capture and preserve the intruder’s details in unattended mode. A camera is integrated with a processing unit and counter arrangement to ensure authenticity and non-repudiation of the captured images of the intruder before court of law. Ownership claim is justified concocting confidential data sharing of visual cryptography. Signal quality is retained and unauthorized tampering of secret data resisted. Entire procedure indulges: Message Digest M is generated using SHA-2 from the date and time stamp of the acquired image, two shares are generated from MAC address (K) of the network card and encryption is done using AES involving encoding using Hamming 1 – bit technique. The cover image is prepared in DCT domain to restrict JPEG compression. Sensitive data is embedded in restricted areas of DCT transformed image. Extraction of secret data verifies an intruder. The experimental results prove its efficacy over existing conventional system.


Visual cryptography, share generation, AES, key exchange, image compression.