Volume 14, Number 5

Mobility and Routing based Channel Estimation for Hybrid Millimeter-Wave MIMO WSNs


Geeta and A.M. Bhavikatti, Bheemanna Khandre Institute of Technology, India


Recently, technological developments have enhanced, the use of Millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system in various communication applications and wireless sensor networks as channel estimation efficiency can be immensely improved with the help of this technological developments in Millimeter-wave MIMO system and wireless sensor network as well. Moreover, they can improve quality of communication services to a great extent. However, cell interference in Millimeter-wave (mm-Wave) MIMO system can produce a massive impact on spectral efficiency. Therefore, a Routing Enabled Channel Estimation (RECE) technique is presented in this article to minimize interference between cells. The proposed Channel Estimation technique improves channel capacity as well as spectral efficiency. Moreover, Normalized Mean Square Error (NMSE) is minimized heavily using proposed RECE technique. Here, main aim of this article is to reduce cell interference and channel estimation inside a cell by using route selection, beam selection, and spatial frequency estimation. Here, different scenarios and parameters are considered to evaluate performance efficiency of proposed RECE technique in terms of spectral efficiency, NMSE and SNR and compared against varied traditional channel estimation techniques. Moreover, it is clearly evident from performance results that the proposed channel estimation technique performs better than the other two methods.


Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems, Interference Reduction, Beam Selection, Channel Estimation Technique, Spectral Efficiency.