Volume 14, Number 5

Multi-Layer Digital Validation of Candidate Service Appointment with Digital Signature
and Bio-Metric Authentication Approach


Saikat Bose1, Tripti Arjariya1, Anirban Goswami2, Soumit Chowdhury3, 1Bhabha University, India, 2Techno Main Salt Lake, Sec – V, India, 3Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, India


Proposed work promotes a unique data security protocol for validating candidate’s service appointment. Process initiated with concealment of private share within the first segment of each region of the e-letter at commission’s server. This is governed by hash operations determining circular orientation of private share fragments and their hosted matrix intervals. Signed e-letter downloaded at the posted place is validated through same hash operations and public share. Candidate’s on spot taken fingerprint are concealed in two segments for each region of the eletter adopting similar hiding strategies. The copyright signature of posting place is similarly shielded on fourth segment of each region using hash operations. The certified e-letter is thoroughly validated at commission’s server and signatures stored justify authenticity of appointment and proper candidature at the posting place. The superior test results from wider angles establishes the efficacy of the proposed protocol over the existing approaches.


Dynamic Authentication, Standard-Deviation Based Encoding, Variable Encoding, Multi-Signature Hiding, Random Signature Dispersing.