Volume 14, Number 6

Web Attack Prediction using Stepwise Conditional Parameter Tuning
in Machine Learning Algorithms with Usage Data


S. Meena1 and Dr. A. Pethalakshmi2, 1Mother Teresa Women’s University, India, 2Alagappa Government Arts College, India


There is a rapid growth in internet and website usage. A wide variety of devices are used to access websites, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and personal computers. Attackers are finding more and more vulnerabilities on websites that they can exploit for malicious purposes. A web application attack occurs when cyber criminals gain access to unauthorized areas. Typically, attackers look for vulnerabilities in web applications at the application layer. SQL injection attacks and Cross Site script attacks is used to access web applications to obtain sensitive data. A key objective of this work is to develop new features and investigate how automatic tuning of machine learning techniques can improve the performance of Web Attack detections that use HTTP CSIC datasets to block and detect attacks. The Stepwise Conditional parameter tuning in machine learning algorithms is a proposed model. This model is a dynamic and automated parameter choosing and tuning based on the better outcome. This work also compares two datasets for performance of the proposed model.


Web Application, Web Attack, Attack Detection, Anomaly Detection, Tuning Parameters, Machine learning Algorithms, Web Usage, Usage Mining, Stepwise Conditional Parameter Selection, and HTTP CSIC Dataset.