Volume 15, Number 3

Improved Q-Reinforcement Learning based Optimal Channel Selection in Cognitive Radio Networks


Sopan Talekar1, Satish Banait2 and Mithun Patil3, 1MVPS’s KBT College of Engineering, India, 2K.K. Wagh Institute of Engineering Education & Research, India, 3N.K. Orchid College of Engineering & Technology, India


Cognitive Radio Networks are an emerging technologyin forwireless communication. With increasing number of wireless devices in wireless communication, there is a shortage of spectrum. Also, due to thestatic allocation of channels in wireless networks, there is a scarcity of spectrum underutilization. For efficient spectrum utilization, secondary users dynamically select the free channel of primary users for the transmission of packets. In this work, the performance of routing in a cognitive radio network is improved by the decision of optimal channel selection. The aim of this work is to maximize the throughput and reduce the end-to-end delay. Therefore, an Improved Q-Reinforcement learning algorithm is proposed for the optimal channel selection during the packet routing between source and destination. The performance of this work is compared with the existing routing protocols. It is simulated in network simulator-2 (NS2) with Cognitive Radio Cognitive Network (CRCN) simulation. After performance evaluation, it is observed thatthe proposed work performs better than existing work with respect to packet delivery ratio, throughput, delay, jitter, control overhead, call blocking probability, packet dropping ratio, goodput and normalized routing overhead.


Cognitive Radio Network, Reinforcement Learning, Routing Protocols, Channel selection, Throughput maximization.