Volume 15, Number 3

Blockchain-Based Secure and Scalable Routing Mechanisms for VANETs Applications


Hariharasudhan V and P.Vetrivelan, VIT, India


The VANET has seen a boom in the distribution of significant source data,enabling connected vehicle communications to enhance roadway safety.Despite the potential for interesting applications invehicle networks,thereare still unresolved issues that have the potential to hinder bandwidth utilization once deployed. Specifically, insider assaults on VANET platforms such as Blackhole attemptscan completely stop vehicle-to-vehicle communications and impair the networks' performance level. In this study, we provide the blockchain-based decentralized trust scoring architecture for the participants in the network to identify existing and blacklisted insider adversaries in VANET. To address this concern, we suggest a two-level detection technique, in the first level neighboring nodes determine theirtrustworthiness and in the second level it aggregates trust scores for vehicle nodes using a consortium blockchain-based mechanism that uses authorized Road Side Units (RSUs) as consensus mechanism. The blacklisted node records are then periodically changed based on the trust scores supplied by the nearby nodes. In regards to the practical scope of the network, the experimental study demonstrates that the suggested solution is effective and sustainable. To improve packet delivery ratio and vehicle node security in the VANET, the blockchain-based Trust-LEACH routing technique has also been created. The performance analysis has been carried out for Computational cost analysis, Computational time for block creation, Network analysis, SecurityAnalysis, and MITM attack analysis. Additionally, we provide proof that the suggested approach enhances VANET reliability by thwarting and removing insider threat initiation nodes from its blacklist.


Blockchain Technology, VANET Security, Secure Routing, Insider AttacksBlockchain-based consensus algorithms.