Volume 15, Number 4

IoT Resource Allocation and Optimization Using Improved Reptile Search Algorithm


Prabhakar Narasappa Kota1, Pravin Balaso Chopade1, Bhagvat D. Jadhav2, Pravin Marotrao Ghate2 and Shankar Dattatray Chavan3, 1MES’s College of Engineering, India, 2JSPM's Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering, India, 3Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute
of Technology, India


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a dispersed network system that connects the world through the Internet. The architecture of IoT consists of more gateways and resources which cannot be allocated in a manual process. The allocation of resources in IoT is a challenging process due to the higher consumption of energy and high latency rate. To overcome the challenges in existing works, this research introduced an Improved Reptile Search Algorithm (IRSA) to solve the optimization problem which occurs during the time of allocation resources among IoT networks. IRSA employs the methodology of levy flight and cross-over to update the candidate position and enhance the search speed in a single iteration. The proposed method consumes less energy and has low latency during data transmission from User equipment (UE) to the base station.IRSA has been compared with the existing Scalable Resource Allocation Framework (SRAF) and Improved Chaotic Firefly Algorithm (ICFA). The obtained experimental results show that the proposed IRSA attained better performance with an allocation rate of 96.40% which is comparatively higher than SRAF and ICFA with 92.40% and 91.67% respectively.


Crossover, Improved Reptile Search Algorithm, Internet of Things, Levy flight, Resource Allocation