Volume 15, Number 5

BLE Beacon with Data Accumulation Functionality


KOBAYASHI Kakeru and FUJITA Satoshi, Hiroshima University, Japan


This research looks into the implementation and utilization of BLE beacons with data accumulation functionality. BLE applications are typically divided into two categories: one that broadcasts a fixed value for each device, and the other that identifies contact with a particular user by scanning the data broadcasted in its surroundings. The proposed framework, however, follows a different approach where each beacon scans for data broadcasted in the area, then changes state based on the scan result, and finally, broadcasts data based on the new state. This can be regarded as an extension of the BLE mesh standard, which enables data flooding through repeated scanning and broadcasting. The paper also explores two practical use cases of the technology: detecting and announcing congestion around devices, and a stamp rally application.


Bluetooth Low Energy, advertisement, data accumulation, congestion detection.